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Monday, April 27, 2009

If You're Zuzu, You CAN Take It With You

Knowing her aptitude for hanging upside down, we require Zuzu to wear shorts under skirts to school.

Me: Zuzu, do you want to wear some shorter shorts that don't show?
Zuzu: No, mom, look! With these, I have SIX pockets in the front. See? One, two . . . (lifts skirt) three, four, five, SIX!


On that note, let me share the contents of her backpack from this morning:

  • school papers (including several blank "extras" -- every day she brings home whatever leftover worksheets she can get her hands on)
  • froot* roll wrappers
  • 5 rocks
  • 2 plastic magnifying glasses
  • 1 brand new pencil (I can only hope not stolen from her teacher's desk)
  • my bodhrán tipper (no, unfortunately I don't play -- my sister sent it to me from Ireland where she was a missionary)
  • small tree branches and their dried-up blossoms
After I took this picture, Peter found, in addition, two pairs of clean underwear in another zipper pocket. I was baffled, but she explained they were still there from when she packed for a sleepover at a cousin's house a couple of weeks ago.

You're right if you think this post feels like a rerun.

*Normally I'm not a lover of novelty spelling, but considering the questionable connection of this item to actual fruit, it seemed like the right thing to type.


Lili said...

Zuzu's petals :)

Oh how I love these posts.

Jstar said...

I love the backpack contents posts - they are so chock full of lovely, vibrant personality!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Agreed with both commenters above.

J and M Lloyd, est. 2004 said...

The skort is perfect - dressy yet practical. Love it. And the pocket contents - also practical. Also love it. Another smile on my face.

Betsy said...

That's our girl!