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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Jane handed me a list a few weeks ago titled "Candy Corn Witch costume," with exact specifications. Her starting point was the candy corn tights I got her from an after-Halloween clearance sale a couple of years ago. All I did was put the appliqué on the shirt and the ruffle band on the hat (exactly according to Jane's instructions, of course).

Zuzu's piratess costume is from our costume box. Grandma Kathe bought it many years ago on after-Halloween clearance, and I added the long skirt under the velour micro-mini skirt it came with and the white neckline insert, 'cause sexpot costumes on sweet little girls are too scary even for Halloween.

Sir Adam the Longlashed.

We were at the dollar store. They had just gotten in their Halloween stuff and I saw the plastic helmet, breastplate, gauntlets, shield, and sword. Me: "Adam, would you like to be a knight for Halloween?" Adam: "YEAH!"

I made the tunic, leggings, and boot spats. So far I've only had to hot glue 3 of the dollar store items back together. That's because I didn't let him play with them until yesterday.

Grandma Kathe made Ellen the green leotard and tutus for her birthday last August, so when I saw green wings and fairy shoes at the dollar store the same day we got Adam's plastic armor, my Cheap! Easy! Costume! alarm was going off like crazy. I made a flower head wreath, put a flower on each shoe, and added elastic to the opening so they'd stay on.