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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ellen's Valentines, 2014 Edition

We had a bunch of these stretchy bracelets in our party favor box:

So I printed out some little cards with a picture of Ellen dressed in a princess costume, cut slits in the side, and she put the bracelets onto the cards like a necklace:

(I made these in a rush, so I didn't notice that the font I chose apparently didn't come with punctuation marks until after they were printed. I would have tried to find a more suitable apostrophe and exclamation point. But then, these are for six year olds. Ha.)

We also had some bubbles in the party box, so the boys in her class got these: 

I didn't make those cards; I found the free printable here.

One Dollar Valentine's Day Garland

1. Buy a pack of heart doilies from the dollar store.
2. Stitch them together on a sewing machine, leaving long threads on both ends for hanging.
3. Hang it up.

My pack had 20 6 inch wide hearts, so it made a 10 foot long garland.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering If She Likes Her Little Sister

I was taking pictures of Ellen and she was giving me that pained camera smile:

So I said, "Show me how you feel about Baby Kate":

(Oh yeah, by the way, we had a baby. Her name is Kate.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adam's 2013 Jedi Valentines Recap

Never got around to posting these last year, but these are the valentines Adam gave out in 2013, our take on the glow stick light saber valentines we've seen around the Internet. Took a picture of him against a white background wearing his jedi robe and holding his lightsaber hilt and added some text. We cut a slit for a glow stick which we slipped in and taped onto the back.

We got the star wars style font here.