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Friday, April 17, 2009

So Much Descends Upon

Remember a couple of days ago when I posted pictures of blossoms under snow? Turns out, that was nothing. Turns out, the storm system was only taking a breather, gathering strength for the real show. It started coming down again Wednesday evening, and Thursday morning, we awoke to this. On April 16th.

Peter took this picture last Sunday. He called it "So Much Depends Upon."

He titled this one, taken on Thursday, "So Much Descends Upon." Every day that man gives me new reasons to be proud I'm married to him.

I know at least one person who's thrilled about the crazy weather. Last night he was down in the garage, mounting bindings and putting wax on his brand new telemark skis. And today he was taking advantage of the free-after-3:00 p.m. policy at Alta.


J and M Lloyd, est. 2004 said...

Thanks for the link Mary - from your non-humanities-major still-reading-chilren's-books friend Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated the link, too, because I could only think of plums that had been in the icebox.

Bad news -- the disappearing-photo curse seems to have stricken YOUR blog, too! Where will it end? I was able to see the (beautiful) photos after clicking on the post, but on your main page I was just seeing big blank spaces.

Anonymous said...

P.S. As long as I'm double-commenting (does it help any? Or does it not count since I'm your sister?) I forgot to say that Peter's literary allusion is brilliant.

Lili said...

Two of the seven trees behind mom's house fell over from the weight of the snow, and her lilacs were splayed to the ground like an inside-out umbrella :(
It was insane

Betsy said...

...and several other trees on the grounds here went over too.

What my mind said when I read "so much depends" and "so much descends": Wow, Peter, wow. So much depends upon a red, red, red... (mind picturing red wagon and knowing that wasn't it).

So I appreciated the link, and I thank the two of you for bringing that poem I love into my yesterday and today.

However, now I am helplessly picturing a "crack baby" in a "red shopping cart".