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Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Year's Easter Eggs

Last year, after I saw this cool tutorial for dyeing eggs with silk printed fabric, I started collecting old silk ties so I could try it for myself.  It was great fun, and I thought I'd post a picture of the ones we made and a link to the instructions in case you want to make your own neato-kazeeto tie-dyed eggs.

I followed the tutorial, except I used old tights and nylons instead of fabric and wire twist ties instead of string to wrap them up.  I also saw that Family Fun recently published their own version of this craft, and they have you just secure the piece of silk to the egg with rubber bands.  I guess the only advantage to using an outer layer is you can use a smaller piece of silk.

I have enough silk left over from the ties we used last year to do at least a couple more eggs each, but since so much of the fun is in the mystery of how each print will come out, I'd much rather do it again with different ties.  I think I need to arrange some sort of old tie swap.  Anybody interested?


Anonymous said...





Jstar said...

That is so cool! Although I can't imagine my kids going for eggs that don't include Darth Vadar masks or copious stickers

Anonymous said...

Soooo cool. I think I saw that photo last year (if not the eggs in real life.) I wish I'd been collecting old tights and nylons and ties this year. Maybe I'll start now.

g* said...

i'm so happy you found my blog so that i could find yours. i absolutely love this idea with the silk ties. so cool. i'm glad you guys can come to the egg hunt!!! we might have a little rain??? have your wellies ready.

also, that would be great if you brought something. i can't think of anything specific right now. we'll talk wed.

Kaoru said...

kouiu nowa, Nihon dewa yaranai shi, watashi mo yatta koto ga nai
kara, tanoshisou de, urayamashii !

Katie Reall said...

So, I found cute ideas for doing our Easter eggs this year. I thought about doing them and how cute they'd be. Then I coped out and did the same old eggs as usual. I opted to spend my time sanding a $5.00 bench I found at garage sale instead. I lamented the undone cute easter egg plans I had and told Mike, though, that you probably came up with cute Easter eggs this year to make up for what I didn't do! I am so glad to see that you did - I almost feel better now!

Ligia said...

This was a great idea. I tried it this year and it turned out to be more fun and less messy. I loved it. Come check out the ones I posted. :o)