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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking the Blog in A New Direction

My New Banner

I always seem to get bored eventually with new things I try, and unfortunately this blog seems to be the latest victim of my fickle nature. I know it's only been 3 months, but already I find that most days I just don't feel like posting anymore. So I'm trying something new. A new focus.

I've been interested in martial arts for as long as I can remember, but aside from one karate class in college, I've never done anything with it. Not until this week, that is. I'll explain. Last summer, Peter's company sponsored a viewing of Kung Fu Panda for employees and their families. For Adam, seeing this movie -- the first he'd ever seen in a theater -- opened up a whole new world, a thrilling world, a world called: Hand-to-Hand Combat! Every day since then, (when he's not talking about Star Wars, Lightning McQueen, or asking, "When are we going camping again?"), he's asking, "Mom, when am I going to learn Kung Fu?" Well, Peter and I have liked the idea of starting an activity that we can do as a family, and after some research (which was surprisingly fun for me), tonight we had our first karate class. We had a hard time deciding between that and Taekwando, but I did love my karate class in college, and I kept remembering how my teacher, Bobby Lawrence, would always say, "The family that kicks together, sticks together." Our first family lesson? So much fun. Even Jane, who was the only one dragging her feet, had a blast.

So, long story short, I'm excited to rekindle my long-latent interest in martial arts and I'll be posting what I learn on this site. Until I get bored, anyway.

Let's start off with a sweet video from youtube:

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Lili said...

you're awesome.

(But please also keep the kid's quotes coming... kay?)

Annie Japannie said...

Bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!

Betsy said...

I do believe you are serious about this, and I am a big believer in the benefits of martial arts. But then again, you are the one who did not tell me about submitting her mission papers, and it is April Fool's Day. So, one way or another, you got me. I am laughing at myself. LOVE YOU!

MelanieJ said...

LOOOOVE the new banner! you go, girl!

Elizabeth Huntington said...

(Jim is on the phone with a customer)
Jim: Right. Oh, well, let me just check the pricing list. Hold on one second.
Dwight: (on the phone) Sensei.
(Jim looks over at Dwight)
Dwight: Hello, it's sempai.
Jim: Um...(trying to listen to Dwight
Dwight: (waits for a beat) Dwight.
Jim: (to customer) You know what, let me give you a call right back. I'm going to find it and then I'll call you back. Thanks. (hangs up phone)
Dwight: Yes, I just had a ques- Yes, sensei. Arigato goazai mashta. Hai. (hangs up the phone)
Jim: Was that your mom?
Dwight: No. That was my sensei.
Jim: Oh, thought it was your mom.
Dwight: I am now sempai, which is assistant sensei.
Jim: Assistant to the sensei, that's pretty cool.
Dwight: Assistant sensei.
Jim: Okay.