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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Overdue Gifts

My niece Rose was born five years ago on St. Patrick's Day. The next year, my nephew Christian was born on St. Patrick's Day. We think we have some Irish ancestors trying to tell us something.

A jedi robe for Christian:

(It's a little big on Ellen, who wanted to try it on.) Christian became very attached during a visit to our house to the one I made for Adam for Christmas, so I'm pretty sure he'll want it. Amazingly, I actually made this before March 17, but here it still sits at my house almost 3 weeks later. When Ellen put it on and ran down the hall, the way it completely covered her, combined with the way she walks, made her look just like a Jawa from behind.

An apron for Rose:

I finally got around to making Rose's gift just last night. If the floral fabric seems to have kind of a 90's vibe, it's because I bought it in the 90's. I had in mind a coverlet for my bed. Only now I wouldn't want a coverlet for my bed out of it. One problem with stashing fabric is that the fabric you think is adorable today will sit there in your stash over the years, gradually morphing itself into the fabric that you think is boring/outdated/uninspiring. The only exception to this rule is 1930's reproduction prints.

Anyway, even if I wouldn't want it on my bed, I still think this fabric is pretty, and it has roses on it for our Rosie. (Katie, do you recognize the salmon colored fabric? Do you still have the skirt you made out of it?)

I still have more catching up to do with family gifts. My niece Mabel's birthday was March 30 (I'd like to make her a wallet) and my brother-in-law Patrick's birthday is today. I wonder if he wants a jedi robe.


Anonymous said...

I thought maybe I shouldn't look but then I looked anyway.

I totally feel that way about stashing fabric, PLUS I've really gotten more self-disciplined about stashing, so now when I go to sew I'm always sort of surprised not to find a closet full of Amy Butler and Freshcut fabrics. But at least I'm not stashing those only to have them also be outdated by the time I used them. And *some* of my stash is neutral enough not to be too dated.

And I do like that fabric a lot, especially for a girl named Rose. (I have TONS of rose fabrics that I stashed with her in mind and will probably end up using for Hazel (or granddaughters,) because they're in baby-sized yardages or were intended for cradle linens. Fortunately I still like roses even for my daughters who aren't named Rose.

Oh, and Rose is going to love the apron -- she's *really* into being a "Little Chef" to assist Dean or I as the "Big Chef" lately, so this will add to the experience.

Lili said...

Haha, I was sitting here reading what you wrote about how fabric would start to look like something outdated and thinking "oh now..." because I've been binging on fat quarters...
But then you wrote "with the exception of 1930s reproduction prints" and with a "whew" realized that for the most part I'm safe :) (And anyway, they're just fat quarters for the most part...)

Lili said...

Oh. and Ellen's adorable in that robe.

mermaids said...

i think ellen needs her own jedi robe. :)

Kaoru said...

Mary wa nandemo tsukuru koto ga jouzu dane ! sugoi ! watashi wa nigate desu.:-)

Betsy said...

Of course Patrick wants a Jedi robe!

All the stuff you made was/is great.

Katie Reall said...

Mary - I actually wore that skirt a few weeks ago and crossed my fingers hoping no one would notice the mistakes I made! :) It's very cute paired with the 90s fabric! :)