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Thursday, April 2, 2009

You'll Have to Look Elsewhere to Fill Your Martial Arts Needs

Thank you, Mom & Lili, from the bottom of my heart, for falling for it, if only for a brief moment, thereby totally making my (April Fool's) day. I was sure if nothing else my playlist (Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" for my new martial arts site?) would give it away.

  • I did take a karate class on a whim in college to fill a P.E. credit.
  • My instructor was the Bobby Lawrence (though often he had a T.A. fill in for him). Every time I had to test, he'd say, "You're a dancer, aren't you? Nice form, very graceful. Just put some power behind it."
  • Bobby Lawrence did say "The family that kicks together, sticks together" with some frequency. At least once, his wife and a couple of his kids came along to our class. They were all competition-winning karate types. And very nice.
  • Peter's work did sponsor a showing of Kung Fu Panda, and having his eyes opened to the possibilities of hand-to-hand combat was life altering for Adam. But he never asked when he was going to learn Kung-Fu. He just came up and busted moves on you, usually accompanied by shouts of "Kung! Fu! PANDA!" or "Ka-ra-dee . . . SHA!" (A derivative of "karate chop," maybe? Your guess is as good as mine.)

  • Everything else.
I couldn't even make myself watch the clips I posted.

Here, however, is a clip well worth your time (posting inspired by Annie Japannie's fine comment). Sometime I should record Adam & Peter being Rex and Kip. Because everyone should have a chance to hear Adam saying "break the wrist, walk away" before they die.

P.S. My only other April 1st success was telling Jane & Zuzu that President Obama was signing two new bills into law that would affect them: 1) all children over 10 will have to work at a part-time job to help the economy, and 2) children now have to be restrained in a car seat until age 12. They were a bit concerned.


Anonymous said...

I think the playlist helped give it away for me (and it also made me laugh.) I did wonder if the part about a family karate class were true, but I was pretty sure the rest wasn't so I figured that one probably wasn't either.

I was amused.

And I had no April Fool's Day successes; in fact, I made no attempts. I could only think of stuff like calling Dean and telling him Hazel had been severely injured, and obviously didn't want to go that route.

I can think of better ideas now. I'm always more inspired the day after the fact. (I'm usually late to get into the spirit of most holidays, in fact.)

Adrienne said...

Ha! Great April Fool's! At our house: Reese stuck a rubber band around the spray attachment to the kitchen sink so it would spray you when you turned on the faucet (this worked tooooo well) and Josh told the kids that because of the tough economy our family was going to have to switch to eating cheaper foods, mostly tomatoes. Reese, who despises tomatoes with all of his heart, was temporarily devastated. My friend totally fooled me into thinking she was pregnant (this would have been #6 for her and she has told me multiple times how she is "So done.") I am usually a pretty decent prankster but this year I flunked. So, yay for you!

Lili said...

I loved it. That was a lot of effort--but it totally paid off :D

marymary said...

Lili, it wasn't that much effort, which helped console me that I wasn't pulling it off until 8:00 PM. 8:00 AM of course would have been much better.

Libilu said...

This wasn't on April Fool's, but I played an awesome prank on Ian involving red food coloring, a piece of broken glass and a pained expression. I didn't know he could scream so loud.