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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ready for Anything

The contents of Zuzu's coat pockets:

16 paper clips (pinched from her kindergarten classroom, no doubt)
4 brad fasteners (see note, previous item)
4 candy wrappers (kids these days get way more candy at school than I ever did)
3 pecans in their shells (must be a pecan tree somewhere on the walk to school)
2 Laffy Taffys
1 sparkly flower ring (from her daddy for Valentine's Day)
lots of pecan shell debris


Laura said...

All the essentials for any childhood. You go girl!

Lili said...

That was awesome.
Were these found before doing a load of laundry perchance?

Jstar said...

Beautiful - I usually don't find that stuff until after a load of laundry... and that Laffy Taffy would have been truly disgusto after going through the drier. Fortunately, my boys only eat the banana kind (yes, gross, I agree) so it doesn't stain... much