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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Just wanted to pop in for a second to say thanks for not burgling my home, even though you knew we were out of town. You guys are so sweet.

Someday I am going to make my home into a place that's bright, fresh and cheery to come home to. Instead of drab and shabby. Also, does my house smell funny? Every time we come back from vacation, it seems like there's a faint smell that's hard to describe but sort of musty when I first walk in, and I always hope that's only because it's been shut up while we were away and that (oh, horrors) it doesn't smell that way all the time. Does it? You can tell me. I can take it.


MelanieJ said...

Welcome back! And, no, your house doesn't stink (even though I have never been in it). it is just the smell of disgust that you wanted to leave it and go somewhere else to have fun. The nerve! Take that on the smeller!

Anonymous said...

I haven't noticed a smell in your house, and I'm the type that would notice. Sometimes smells accumulate when a house is closed up for a bit (mine gets a smell when we go out of town) so I bet if you open your windows tomorrow it'll disappear. (If you don't mind keeping windows open when it's SNOWING.)

The other night I let Ike come with me to the store and when we came home and had put our purchases away I asked him, at least twice, to go out and close the back door of the van. The next morning at 5 AM I was nursing Hazel and heard the door between our kitchen and garage creaking, so I screwed up my courage to go check on it. The back door of the van was still open wide AND so was the garage door, causing our kitchen door to blow in the wind. So I was very grateful no one decided to burgle our home or steal our car that night, because we sure made it easy for them.

Annie Japannie said...

You just inspired me to invent a new portmanteau word: drabby