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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Easy & Economical: DIY Laptop Computer

"No, mom! Don't throw those away! Those are our computers!"
Why, so they are.
I'm dying to know what happens when you press the giant "Zuzu" button.

QWERTY keyboards are for suckers.

Adam's keyboard comes complete with not only all the letters of the alphabet, but Naw I Now My A-B-C Necst tiMe woNt you sige with Me functionality. His big sister loves him.


Laura said...

I love it!!! My kids might be getting laptops soon too!

Anonymous said...

Wooo fancy!

My kids make laptops all the time, too -- theirs start with a simple piece of folded typing paper.

J and M Lloyd, est. 2004 said...

Again, my favorite blog of the day. What creative kids you have. I know right where they got it from too.

Betsy said...

Bravo Zuzu! It's nice to learn I can get me a nice inexpensive laptop now. I love the functionality key; every computer should have such a one.