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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zuzu Will Now Instruct You On "Health"

Thanks to Peter and his spiffy fridge chart, we now have a regular rotation for Family Home Evening assignments. Apparently winging it every week wasn't ideal. (The images representing Jane and Adam were their choice.)

As you can see, this week it was Zuzu's turn to teach the lesson, which she was adamant 1) would be on "Health" and 2) she would prepare without assistance. She put together this booklet for the purposes of her lesson (sorry for the poor photos):

Keep your teeth clean.

Keep your hair clean. (Do not confuse the sparkle and the glob of dirt.)

Keep your insides clean.

Keep your outsides clean.

Don't eat too much candy. (The backwards d strikes again.)

Eat good food.

And there you have it.



Kaoru said...

Kawaii ne

Stephen said...

How delightful. BTW, I didn't think the "poor" photos were.

Betsy said...

I think she (Zuzu)'s got it down.

What wonderful things one can do with a Silent Setter. I congratulate Peter on putting it to work. What, he's skilled with the Xyron as well? Wow! I like the chart.

Lili said...

Love it. Mama's right. She's got it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification on dirt and sparkles. I might not have known that tooth was clean otherwise. :)


The Girl said...

Who needs health class? You can tell Zuzu, she can pretty much skip that one in high school.