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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes The More You Find Out, The Worse it Gets

After dinner last night, I walk into the bathroom. There is no visible sign of a problem, but my nose immediately informs me that something is not right. I walk back to the kitchen.

Me: Anybody know why the bathroom reeks of urine?
Adam: Oh, yeah! [Name of neighborhood fellow 3-year-old] had a accident!
Me: What kind of accident?
Adam: He went pee-pee on the floor.
Me: Adam, why didn't you come and tell me when he had an accident?
Adam: He didn't want me to tell you! He didn't want you to find out! He told me to help him clean it up. We cleaned it up with a towel.
Me: What towel?
Adam: I don't know. And he went pee-pee on the green lightsaber. But he cleaned it off with a towel!
Me: Where are these towels now?
Adam: I don't know!


eMiLY said...

That's awesome! I wonder who the little 3-year-old is?

Laura said...

Thank goodness Moms have a keen sense of smell.

Emily Brimhall said...

Its too bad I'm not pregnant. I could find that towel faster than a drug sniffing dog. Good luck with that one :)

marymary said...

Emily, you are hilarious. Fortunately, once I knew it was towels I was after, the offending items were easy enough to locate and identify.

Betsy said...

So, where were they (the offending items)?

marymary said...

Mom, somehow I missed your question. The answer is: one handtowel, stashed behind the toilet; one bath towel hiding behind the shower curtain in the tub. And as with most clean-up jobs supervised by 3-year-olds, there was more residual evidence of the accident than the stinky towels.