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Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 New Tees for Adam

With warm weather on the horizon, Adam needs some more t-shirts, so I picked up some of WalMart's $3.50 plain tees and pulled out the iron-on transfer paper.

I've had that old carrot crate label pegged for a shirt for Adam in my image stash for a couple of years -- how could I resist extending the original "Up n' Atom" pun (postwar era dead giveaway) one degree further for my own "Up n' Adam?" Plus, on occasion I've walked into a room, seen what he's done to it and had the words "Adam bomb" come into my head. So, it works on more than one level. Let's not discuss the level related to this rabbit's demeanor, and let's hope giving this to Adam won't subvert my "hands are for helping and hugging, not hitting" campaign.

The crab shirt is intended to be my own personal joke with myself, for days when he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Will I get all bent out of shape over grouching and grumping? No! I'll just smile and say, "Hey, want to wear your cool crab shirt today?" Maybe it can even serve as a little visual reminder to me throughout the day to be patient with him. I put the crab a little too high up on the shirt, but lucky for me, Adam isn't particular about things like this.

The car graphic was Adam's choice. He's dying for it to come out of the wash so he can wear it.

By the way, all of these graphics came from Dover Publications' sampler service, which I liked best in its early days when the weekly samples were all copyright-free graphics from their clip-art and design books. Now they use the sampler as a promotional tool for all kinds of books, but there are still some cool old images to be found. In times before my beloved Google Image Search, my spending money often went toward Dover clip-art books. I even used a border and a decorative initial letter from Dover clip-art books on my wedding announcement. (Which I designed entirely in: WordPerfect 7.0. If you needed proof that I've always been insane. Although, if I hadn't been insane before -- which I was -- that experience could have been the tipping point.)

And back to the topic of warm weather -- we're headed to some. Well, actually, if the weather wizards are correct, the warmer place we're headed to will be cooler for our stay next week than it was here this week, but here will be 10-20 degrees cooler next week than there. (Follow?) So we'll be happy to be there, skipping out on some of the typical shenanigans that are spring in Utah Valley.


mermaids said...

great shirts. what kind of iron on transfer paper do you use?

Adrienne said...

And this is why we are destined to be friends, if only through the wonders of the interweb. I totally have that exact carrot label, an original, sitting in my very own stash! I got it from, which sells vintage fruit and veggie labels for very cheap. I even found an old label from Penrod brand tomatoes (maybe from the '30's?). I doubt you will find Drinkwater brand peaches or anything but maybe it's worth a look? Anyway, rad shirts. They are delightful.

jennahoo? said...

It's so funny that you mentioned your wedding announcements because I was going to ask you where you found the letter D! It is still one of my absolute favorite announcements and I have seen many. I saved it so I could ask you someday.