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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zuzu Searches for the Right Word

Last night I was cutting one of these

and Zuzu saw me and hollered, "Hey! Can I have some of that bikini?" Then she came over next to me and said, "Please can I have a bikini, mom?"

Me (suppressing laughter): Can you remember what one of these is called?
Zuzu: Uh . . . Salami?


Anonymous said...

I think Rose would say that salami bikini is Spanish for zucchini.

Betsy said...

It is very smart of you to ask a follow-up question. That way we get two pleasures for the price of one.

eMiLY said...

Love that! I'm glad to know that the "funny words" phase lasts a long time!

Lili said...

I love Zuzuisms. She really is a wonder.