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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where I Go When I'm Not Here

You know how I go several days at a stretch without posting here sometimes? That's when I've slipped back into blogging the way I used to: in my head, usually while I'm lying in bed or taking a shower, etc.*

When you've done something one way for so many years, it's hard to change.

And then when I think, "I should post some of this on my real blog," either I can't remember the imaginary blog posts, or else I can but I'm all, "Booooorrring." Because, come on, I thought about it once already. Old news.

Sometimes the ideas in my head don't make it to the blog because they're of the semi-complex, essay-type variety and would require a lot of time and thought to compose clearly (like the ones about religion from yesterday morning's shower). Unfortunately, time and uninterrupted thinking are scarce resources in my life. Also, I'm just better at thinking than I am at writing. I was an English major in college and oh, how I loved the reading and class discussion, and oh, how every paper I had to write was torture. Random content = easy; clear form and structure = very, very hard. (Wow, that could be a metaphor for my life. But that's a subject for a future post that won't ever happen.)

So, when will my next real post be? Maybe next week. Maybe next month.** In the meantime, let me offer you the enticing tidbit that yesterday while I was folding clothes I was mentally composing a post about . . . grammar! Yes!

*(My sister did this too before she started her blog, and called it her imaginary blog, which she went on to use to title her actual blog. Which you should visit because she is clever and funny and insightful, and her kids are nearly as cute as mine, which is saying a lot.)

**Let's be honest. It will most likely be tomorrow, when I get those cute pictures of my kids off my camera. Because, as I'm sure you've noticed, for me, kids = insta-blog content.


Deb said...

Mary - I love it when you blog! I give myself a few heavenly moments each day to click through blogs I love to read - of which you and Zina top the list - before I get on with the other stuff I really need to do. Insight, humor, is all wonderful! Thanks :-)

melissa said...

oh no! I can't read your blog, it makes me feel so so so slackerish. Oh, Mary, you are so very cool! I can't believe how cute your kids are, how creative they are, and how well nurtured they seem. Wow! I guess if it happened like that to any of us, it would happen to you. Again, you are so cool. I am glad I get to check your blog now. We live so close, but with kids, everything is seemingly far away.
I would line the dresses with a smooth cotton because I love real fabrics but the hang would be better if you had a poly lining. If you tack it you could do the cotton without a problem. I can't believe the great things you are sewing. How do you do it? The other question, Hancock Fabric has the petticoat netting. It is in rolls by the other netting and such. Oh, if you are in Salt Lake, Fashion Affair is going out of business. Incredible deals up there right now. I am more than depressed about their closing. Go quickly, I think they are almost done.

MelanieJ said...

i can just imagine what sorts of posts are on your imaginary blog--no pun intended! Thank you for reminding us that you are human and not completely perfect (because I sometimes forget!), it makes me feel better.

Bob said...

Im sure am looking toward you're post on grammer.