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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Someone's Turning Six

So she designed a party invitation for us to put into production.
"It's an owl, a bat, and a bird."

You wouldn't know it from the invitation, but this year she's requested a Hello Kitty party. I think I'm set for the cake, favors, and decorations, but so far I have nothing on the agenda to entertain the crowd but a Pin-the-Bow-on-Hello-Kitty game that Jane illustrated (pics forthcoming -- if I can find the thing). Ideas, anyone? Please?


Laura said...

I guess having your husband host a "Kill the cat" with oranges game may not go over so well at the party.....just a thought!

mermaids said...

love the invitation! if you google "hello kitty" + "birthday party" you will get a few million hits. :) if i lived a tad bit closer, i would offer to be a craft helper because i am always up for any hello kitty themed party.

Betsy said...

The invitations are wonderful!

Musical Kitties: put two rows of tape spots on the floor, total spots 1 fewer than the # of party-cipants. Essentially musical chairs. Remove 1 tape spot each time the music stops. The girls can mew and purr (& probably lick each other) while the music plays.

Do the Hokey-Pokey, substituting whiskers and paws for arms and legs, etc.

Kitty Hop: Do the Bunny Hop, except as kitties.

If you're up to it, you can have them play sardines, where the girl who is "it" is Hello Kitty.

Maybe Zuzu has a favorite game that can be adapted....

How long is the party planned for? A couple of games, refreshments, and gift opening always seem to take longer than expected.

Lili said...

duck, duck goos-- er, kitty.

Lili said...

(I really wish that hadn't published the fact that I wrote that comment at 1:15 in bed. I wish I were asleep)

Pilcrow said...

It's B'Owl!

Lily said...

Cousin Mary! It's been fun perusing your blog and following your sweet children. And to think that your Zuzu is having the same theme for a birthday party that I had in the 3rd grade (I'm pretty sure that's when it was)!

Maybe you can paint whiskers on the guests, make hairbows (if they are exclusively girls, of course), play "Kitty says" or some kind of find the Kitty treasure hunt thingy, or a Hello Kitty bean bag toss?

To be honest, I'm tired just thinking about it :)

Good luck!

Cousin Lily

Lily said...

P.S. Happy Birthday, Zuzu!

Betsy said...

The party was terrific.

Adrienne said...

Mary! I know this is way too late, and I know you probably came up with an amazing party that knocked everyone's socks off. BUT, if Zuzu is still a big Hello Kitty fan, you should at some point try these:

They are the cutest things ever. I bet they're not too hard. I made the regular old cake balls on a stick and they were ubercute and quite easy too (just search for cake balls on the site if you haven't seen them before)(but I'm betting you have since you know all about the interweb)(I have lots of parenthetical asides)(This is just how I talk, I can't help it).

marymary said...

Adrienne! Never heard of cake pops OR bakerella until this moment. Fantastic. Keep 'em comin', keep 'em comin'.