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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If Your Dad Was a Heartless Butcher of Living Things, You'd Run Away Too

Saturday Peter was pruning some trees and roses while Jane stood by bitterly protesting that he was cutting "waaaay too much" and ordering him to stop. Finally, it drove her to the point of packing some things and announcing that she was running away. Here's a picture of the runaway enjoying a little lunch. I had to be sneaky and use the zoom. She was a whole two houses away.

It was interesting to me how she did the whole thing with a kind of wry irony. I guess she's too well-read a seven-year-old not to be aware that she was acting out a classic childhood cliché.


Annie Japannie said...

It's always nice when your mom packs a lunch for you to run away.

marymary said...

I assure you, she packed the lunch herself. I'm not as good as Jane when it comes to reenacting storybook clich├ęs.

Josh said...

Peter's disregard for nature is actually why we ran away to Washington.

Heartless Butcher!

Pilcrow said...

That's a great photo and I LOLd.