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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vaseline Should Really Come with a Childproof Lid

At least
1) she was in the kitchen instead of the bedroom this time.
2) she had the foresight to remove her pants beforehand.
3) the shirt she had on already bore stains from two older sisters.
4) the floor and cabinets were in desperate need of cleaning anyway.
5) it helped with her dry, chapped skin.


Lili said...

WOW. There's optimism for you

Anonymous said...

i can laugh because she's not mine. :) you know she had a blast doing that.

Pilcrow said...

I remember eating Vaseline as a kid. I liked the taste of it.

Jill Freestone said...

thanks for sharing your christmas letter and blog - delightful family you have - definitely enjoying life to the fullest! Jane would get along well with my Emma - with their creative outlets. I'm amazed with the "trouble" Ellen gets into -wow! she's just building your reservoir of patience, right?!