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Friday, January 23, 2009

Adam, Looking through the DVD Collection:

"Mom, we shouldn't watch Batman, because there's a serious bad guy in there."

"And look, mom, that girl is tending Superman."


Anonymous said...

Tending as in "taking care of?" That's great.

I tried to make my kids watch Toy Story the other day because I'm really tired of The Incredibles, but at some point they decided that Toy Story was too scary (more scary than The Incredibles?!?) and both Rose and Henry yelled at me and complained for a full five minutes until I gave in and turned the movie off.

Lili said...

I was going to say "tending?... that's great" but then I saw that Zina already said it.

Killpack's said...

Hey! Love your blog. Hope you don't mind me snooping a little, and I love your kids. Adam has the most amazing eyes too!