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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is It Really That Hard to Get My Attention?

The phone just rang and I answered it.

"Hello? . . . Hello? . . . Hello?"

Oh, great. Is it that prerecorded thing I hung up on a few minutes ago calling back? Is a telemarketer about to come on? Wait, I hear little kid noises in the background. Did one of my sister's kids accidentally call me?

Wait, those sound like the same little kid noises going on in my own house. I turn around, and there's Ellen, with my cell phone out of my purse and tucked under her chin, grinning at me.

(Can you imagine Ellen's delight when I pulled out the camera instead of taking the phone away? Can you imagine the betrayal she felt a moment later?)


Laura said...

That is great. She is so darn cute. And you are so mean to take away the cell phone. I mean think of all the fun she could have with your cell phone. Especially if she added water to the mix. You are such a spoil sport.

Lili said...

tee hee

Melissa said...

That is darling! Pretty tricky little girl! I often wonder how many calls my baby actually makes while I'm not looking! :)

Rhapsidiomite said...

oh, sweetheart!