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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Here's What Happens When Someone Leaves the Bathroom Door Open

Again, a blessedly milder-than-usual incident. No water on, toilet's still closed, no contaminated toothbrushes, and -- miraculously -- the T.P. isn't unrolled into a heap on the floor. And do you see how again she removed her pants in advance, meaning that the ancient stick of Skin So Soft™ she's pulverizing is all over skin instead of clothing? I promise she does customarily wear pants, so I have to see it as Providence. Or maybe she's just trying to moisturize. Or maybe, next time I see that her pants are off, I should consider myself on notice.


Laura said...

I just wish I looked that cute sitting on my sink without pants on.

Betsy said...

Ellen you are SO CUTE!