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Monday, January 12, 2009

Three Stories From Our Sunday

Me, to Adam, who is running around, not letting me put his clothes on:  Hey, you can cooperate, or you can stay home.
Adam, nodding head emphatically with each part of the phrase:  Those, are my, options.

Adam, as we're getting ready to leave for dinner at my dad's house:  Can I bring my jedi robe and my blue light saber, so I can show grandpa a little action?

When Adam (in his jedi robe) and I get in the car, we find that Jane is wearing her Little Red Riding hood cape and Zuzu has on her sparkly princess cape.  I'm glad everyone was able to come up with proper attire for an evening at grandpa's house.

Adam, on the drive up to grandpa's house: Ellen, you and me growed out of mama's belly!  We did!
Ellen:  Yeah.
Adam:  Mom!  I said to Ellen (repeats everything he said) and she said, 'Yeah!'
Jane: Wait.  Mom?  How does . . . ?  Under what circumstances . . . does the uterus . . . produce an egg that grows into a baby?
Me, considering the mixed company and thinking quickly:  Um, well, the egg has to be fertilized.
Jane (apparently finding this to be a sufficient answer):  Oh.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, good answer!

Love the stories. Our *beautiful* Little Red Riding Hood cape has been way insufficiently utilized.

Pilcrow said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I'm way, way behind. Miss you guys.