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Thursday, January 22, 2009

For a Moment I Was Worried I Married a Freak

Peter: Is it really Friday tomorrow already?
Me: Yep, tomorrow's Friday.
Peter: Garbage.
Me (incredulous): You don't like Fridays?
Peter: No. I mean, I'll need to put out the garbage.


Anonymous said...

I often feel like a freak because I've learned that Saturday is the favorite day of the week for most of my SAHM friends, but I hate Saturdays. I think it's because I want Saturdays to be more than they ever can seem to live up to.

Actually, I'm not liking this particular Friday much, either, but if we were all healthy and Dean and I could leave the kids with a sitter and go to a movie, that would be different.

Betsy said...

Usually I like Fridays, but when I get home late from work on a Thursday night before a Friday when I have to work Friday night, then I like the OTHER tomorrow.