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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Valentines

This year Zuzu brought home the cardboard box her teacher had given out to decorate and said, "I want to make mine a yellow submarine."

Well, OK then.

I love how she pulls these ideas out of the air, like her circus tent box a couple of years ago.

The design was hers and I helped her build what she wanted. One of the things she explained was that she wanted it to have a top "hatchet" for the valentines to go in. It was fun to abandon what I was supposed to be doing and get involved with a creative project for the night.

Jane made her robot box with no help from anyone else, except for getting Ellen to drink half of one of those four cans of V8. Her original design was scaled back slightly after the yelling and tears from Adam when he discovered she'd covered his crayon box with duct tape for a robot foot.

Once again, I was perusing the Target dollar spot when I saw something I thought would make a nice non-candy valentine for the kids to give out:

We put the erasers in bags and Jane typed up some tags:


Lili said...

On the Valentines Boxes: Wow wow wowzers. I kind of miss making Valentine's Boxes. ;-)

On the Valentines: Aah, Valentine's Day. The one day where it's encouraged to make terrible puns!