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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Redux

Zuzu's class had a valentine box decorating contest. She wanted to make a circus tent box.

Here's her original design drawing:

(I love, love, love that elephant drawing.)

And here's the finished box:

Better show you the other sides too:

Peter helped her build the box lid (It's hinged. I'm not kidding.) and I helped her with the decoration.

My sister Suzy generously let the cousins come over and squander vast amounts of use her craft supplies for a valentine-making extravaganza. Here is Jane with the fruits of her labor:

Jane was most perturbed that I bought pencils to give away instead of candy again this year. We're that family.

Excuse me for a moment while I scroll up and check out that elephant drawing again.

To bring this post back into the present, here's a picture Peter took in our backyard this morning:

And here's a picture of our backyard right now:

Here we go again.


Anonymous said...

That box is STUPENDOUS. Lucky Zuzu (and talented Zuzu).

We have (had?) crocuses, too, but so far my attempts to photograph them have been much less successful than Peter's. Still, I love having them, even if the rest of my flower beds are very unkempt.

Shane's Angie said...

Again, your creative prowess is astonishing. That glorious red striped tent makes me want to grow a beard and join the circus. Beard growing is the only thing I'm thinking I could reasonably accomplish to get me under the big top.

BTW, don't feel bad about buying pencils, I did it last year and this year we made play dough. Pathetic little mounds of homemade playdough that ended up schmooshed up in the corner of the baggies we so carefully stored them in to ensure the shape and freshness. Bleh.

marymary said...

Angie, you always crack me up. Given some time and enough food, I could be the fat lady. When you're ready to run away and join the circus, give me a call. And I love that you gave homemade playdough valentines, no matter how schmooshed into baggie corners.

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool

Shane's Angie said...

Mary, luckily I noticed your comment to me on the side of the blog, because otherwise I would never have known that you would be willing to run away with me to the circus.

Just so you know, I definitely could be the fat lady as I am attempting to eat an entire sheet of cinnamon rolls as we, type.

I'm also thinking I could manage a few cartwheels if someone would offer to clean up this mess in my kitchen.

So, it looks like I'm a triple threat for the circus, you might need to up your game if you want to make it in...

Susanna said...

Absolutely adorable. All of it.

American Yak said...

Love it.

But what happened to Jane's arms?

adriennep said...

I love this Valentine's box so much I want to marry it. I hope you keep it forever. Is it cardboard? And, um, it's hinged? Like real life metal hinges? Maybe you should share some details so everyone can copy you. Like me. Reese's Valentine's box was a monster, and it turned out pretty cool--he was really excited about it. But I felt like a crafting sell-out because I got the general idea from Family Fun magazine. Clearly there are no crafting sell-outs chez-Drinkwater. Well done!