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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zuzu's Baptism

I find I rarely blog about the things I care most about because I feel I lack the time to figure out how to adequately express them.

Yesterday and its events were wonderful -- just wonderful -- and my heart is very full.

Tonight I don't have time to express all I'm thinking and feeling about my sweet Zuzu and her baptism and confirmation yesterday, but the pictures (perhaps with a few brief captions) say something, and I suppose something is better than nothing.

We bought her her own new set of scriptures. A couple of times during the last few weeks I've looked over during the sacrament at church to see her absorbed in her scriptures, all on her own. You keep that up, my love, and it will bless you your whole life.
Her daddy baptized her.

Photo by Spencer
A lot of people who love her showed up. Even her Uncle Andy, who lives in California, with his fiancée Christina, who we thought was at home in Pittsburgh, made a surprise appearance. Hurrah!
For the record, the blue satin sash was entirely her directive:
Photo by Tia


Jason said...

Congratulations Zuzu!

I love these pics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Tia! Really, really fabulous.

Yesterday was wonderful. And you described very well why my blog is all trivia.

Betsy said...

My responses are stymied similarly. Lack the time? Yes, it would take an eon to express my feelings adequately--I don't have the skill--and there'd be a blubbery (not blueberry, worse than that) mess all over the page.

Love you Zuzu--Aunt Tia took (in Aunt Zina's word) a fabulous photo that captures the fabulous zuzuness of our Miss Susanna, the Zuzu.

Ian, I miss your face, lol.

Spencer's photo of the Drinkwater family is splendid too.

It was such a... day....

Tracy Hall Jr said...

Thanks for sharing the day with us and for posting the great photos.

Stephen said...


Jstar said...

The sash was the perfect crown to a lovely dress on a simply beautiful young lady.

The Drinkwater Family said...

What a special day!!! Congratulations Zuzu!

Dan Bartholomew said...

Thanks for sharing this sweetly simple and extraordinary spiritual and family occasion!

Powelson Family said...

such a beautiful girl from a beautiful family!

Katie Reall said...

Beautiful! How I miss your girls! I was baking cupcakes with Ellie the other day and it reminded me of how ZuZu used to climb up on the exact same stool with me to bake with me in Utah just like Ellie now does with me.

SherleneBartholomew said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these wonderful photos, Mary. I loved all of them. Tia's of her is a classic I an going to copy over to Zuzu's media file.

Love to you all,
Aunt Sherlene

Bryan Weight Family said...

Congrats to Zuzu! what a beautiful day!