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Monday, March 28, 2011

Better Living Through Technology

We're getting ready for a road trip that will require two days of driving each way. Our kids have been remarkable car travelers so far, but I'm scared we might be pushing our luck with this one. Although I have some snacks, activities, and media options planned, any advice will be appreciated.

So far today I:
  • Booked the hotel room. (A suite with two separate bedrooms! Suite!)
  • Started a packing list.
  • Bought a microphone app for my phone that will work through the car speakers. Four days of craning around and hollering to communicate with the kids in the back seat of the minivan? I don't think so.


mermaids said...

the microphone app sounds fab!

it might sounds obvious, but have a conversation with the children before the trip. ask them what would make the trip more bearable. ask them what problems might arise AND what can they do about it. be honest, it will be boring at times. if they know what to expect and feel like they have some control, they might be more tolerant.

Let each child have a turn at making decisions during the trip. Each gets a turn to choose where to stop for lunch. Each gets to pick an activity along the way. Give them each a job to do on the trip. If children feel like they are active participants instead of just being dragged along, it usually goes better.

Good luck! I only have two children and they are perfectly content to read for hours in the car/plane. I am the one who gets bored and antsy on long car trips.

Leilani Bascom said...

When will this roadtrip be taking place and where are you going?! Two-day drive sounds like perhaps, Nauvoo to visit Grandma??

Anonymous said...

I love mermaids' suggestions. I need to remember those. Very smart.

We rely on audiobooks and lots of snacks. I love the microphone app idea, too. It's getting harder and harder to live without an iPhone.