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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Worth Taking Time Out of My Busy Summer to Blog About

I'm seeing a trend here: short, infrequent posts. Apparently that's what summer does to my blog.

But as long as I'm on here, I ought to mention that Jane was baptized today and my heart is so full. Seeing my little girl go down into the water with her daddy made the lifetime highlights short list for sure. I love the ordinance of baptism, so full of symbolism, so beautiful, yet also so simple.

Moving on to photos. . .

Baptizee and baptizer, ready to get wet, in their sweet polyester jumpsuits:
Peter, a life-long master, is training Jane in the art of pulling faces for the camera:
She's showing real aptitude:
Twin cousins Molly and Jane. Born 5 days apart, the best of friends, and baptized on the same day.
The dress was made to Jane's design specifications, right down to the orange ribbon. Even before I played Maria in The Sound of Music, I always wanted to have "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes," but Jane had been scheduled to wear a white dress with an orange sash in a wedding that wound up being cancelled, and she wasn't ready to give up on that dream. I didn't indulge her request for orange piping, though. Deep down I'm still holding out for that blue satin sash.

I'm putting in this picture of my my niece Hazel and my sister Lili just because they're so darn cute:
Speaking of darn cute, I give you Molly's family:
(Can you guess which of these people is my sibling?)
In addition to being darn cute, they are masters of the art of pulling faces:
Jane's family tried to get some family pictures as well:
I could have chosen one where Ellen didn't have her finger in her nose, but where's the fun in that?

I'll tell you where. It's in the dopey smile on my face in this one:
I love the way it creates mystery: "On drugs? Or just a half-wit?"

I want you always to remember me this way.

Please don't leave my blog today without noting how completely Peter rocks a suit and tie. Be still my heart.

All jokes aside, it was a joyful, beautiful day.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh! Abby was baptized yesterday... with her cousin... who was born the same day as her. We were saying that the opportunity to be baptized with your cousin is probably so rare because the likelihood of being in the same location and timing being just right would be very rare... what are the odds that both of us had the same thing happen... AND on the exact same day even!

Stephen said...

Glad to share, however vicariously, such a special day. Great post. Great pics. Great people in the pics. Yes, great suit for Peter. And Suzi's pulled face is a door bell.

-Laura said...

Congratulations to Jane! And congratulations to you for making that beautiful dress! Where in your house do you do your sewing? Do you have your own room? That's my current problem.

Weight Family said...

Loved the photos! Congratulations to Jane and Molly! The orange sash is so cheerful! I'm with Jane, Blue just wouldn't do for a July afternoon! The photos were so timely posted as I'm trying to finish the reunion game!

Betsy said...

I have no words expressive enough for the joy and satisfaction of the baptisms day. Thanks thanks thanks for this wonderful post.

Libby said...

Somehow every picture ever taken of me (except a few from the first eight or so years of my life) makes me want to groan and bury my face in my hands for eternity.

Anonymous said...

But Libby, if you bury your face in your hands for eternity, we'll *never* get a great photo of you! (Don't take this to mean I'm agreeing about there not being many great photos of you, however.)

Lovely photos, Mary, and it was a lovely day.

madison said...

aaah, your family is just adorable.
that is a cute baptism dress.

dana said...

THANK YOU for your comment on MADE about sewing swimsuits. Very helpful!

And your family is too cute. I'm so happy she was baptized (we are mormon too :) ).

Have a great week with your kiddos!

OhSusanna said...

thank you so much for posting these pictures. I need to get them from you.

Ligia said...

Congrats on her baptism. I do love the suit. I need you to give this message to my hubby. I love a suit on him but he hates wearing them because he says they are too hot. He only wears the complete suit when he goes to the temple.

Anonymous said...
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