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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I've Been Doing With My Wednesday Nights

Allow me to introduce the group I sing with. Blogland, meet the Deseret Chamber Singers:

Thank heaven I'm nearly too small to be seen in this picture, because the humidity was most unkind to my hairstyle that evening.

I've sung a variety of music in a variety of settings, but to me there's something uniquely sublime about singing with a really fine choir. I love what happens synergistically when my own voice becomes an indistinguishable part of a glorious, harmonious whole.

Anyway, I know choral music isn't everybody's thing, but if you do like fine choral singing, this group is the real deal, and you can catch us in concert TONIGHT -- free! -- at the Cathedral of the Madeleine at 7:30. Which reminds me that somehow today I need to procure some black nylons. And get a shower. Funny how having four small children can make even simple tasks feel almost Herculean.

Want to hear music clips or see video of us rehearsing? Check us out here. (Music tracks are in the lower lefthand column, or click on the "Videos" tab.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the stockings and shower (I know exactly what you mean about how much that is to ask.)

Ligia said...

Herculean?! Perfectly said. Alex asks me what I did when he gets home from work, and I'll say, "I went to Walmart." His response is, "It that all?" At this point, I just roll my eyes and wonder if he'll ever really get it. And I only have two right now. I admire that you can still do those things with four.

Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful tonight. And sounded beautiful, too. What a fun place to sing / attend a concert.

Stephen said...

I listened to some of the sample music. Absolutely wonderful. I would have loved to attend the concert.

I'm sure the effort to participate must be Herculean. But, at the same time, I imagine participation must be as fulfilling and rejuvenating as a good Sacrament Meeting, no?

Shaun Roundy, MA, EW, RMT said...

Dang, I didn't know you were *performing* when you sent the fb invite! I'd have loved to hear it. You Halls have such lovely voices. gOOD FOR you, putting it to use.

Betsy said...

Sigh, it was gorgeous. Everything about it. Including you.
You weren't wearing black nylons, either, but I honestly think it may have looked odd if you had.

the Mama

marymary said...

Mom! I was wearing black nylons. Well, off-black, at least. Acquired miraculously at the last moment, through near Herculean effort!