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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Related Images

Proud preschooler:

What I found on the computer screen a few weeks ago after Adam had called out to me, "Mom? How do you spell 'the?'" (Guess he didn't hear the 'T.'):

His internet searching skills are improving, even if he still couldn't find what he was looking for.


Anonymous said...


Betsy said...

KILLER! LOL! You go, Adam!

I assume Peter introduced this to Adam? Because obviously somebody is paying careful attention to his Cultural Literacy.

Betsy said...

p.s. Love your new header. Where did you find that image?

Stephen said...

LOOK at that face! What an adorable smile.

Shane's Angie said...


He's texting. Oh, and that darned "t" must be sticky.

Jstar said...

Nice work buddy!

Jill Freestone said...

that smile just can't get cuter
glad he's got his priorities straight as far as music goes