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Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Duds 2010

I did it! I got a couple of dresses made in time for Easter baskets last week. My bed missed me.

Before I had a chance to make Ellen's, I came across this beautiful little dress:

Incredibly well made and 70% off. I wanted to make one for her too, and I have yards and yards of the other eyelet left, just not TIME. I can't compete with the third world seamstresses.

The whole crew:

Hurray for warm golden sunshine! Hurray for tulips!

Now for some outtakes.

Ha. I say that like most of the shots weren't "outtakes." Actually, the few that turned out are the ones above, while I got about twenty shots of Zuzu and/or Ellen crying, even though I was promising them cookies in exchange for cooperation the whole time. (Thanks for the cookies, Julie!) The benefit to taking pictures after church? They're already gussied up. The drawbacks? They've been at church for the last 3 hours and are tired and hungry.

(Cause of tears: Jane had the gall to set her on the bench.)

(Cause of tears: Jane and her friend moved the bench. Zuzu wanted to help move the bench.)


Heidi said...

I love those little dresses! I want one. D'you think I could get away with it as long as I'm never in the same ward as your girls...?

(oh, bless their tired little hearts. It's hard to be a kid.)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I want one too! (I hadn't thought to want one until you said it, but now I really do. Or at the very least a blouse or skirt.)

I have to admit I love the outtakes.

And, Mary, you really do NOT have to make a dress for Ellen now b/c that dress is stunning and perfect.

Lili said...

So pretty!

And um, I hadn't really noticed how big your kids are growing.

Stephen said...

Intakes, outtakes? No matter. They're all fab photos.

How can you miss with such subjects?

Laura said...


American Yak said...

Such a gorgeous and handsome crew, the whole lot.