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Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Straightjacket, Size 2T?

While I was sending Peter a message about how Adam locked us in his bedroom this morning, Ellen made a mess with toilet bowl cleaner in the bathroom. While I was cleaning that up, she ripped up a book. While I was gluing the book back together, she took off her diaper and wet her bedroom floor. My tip-off to that one was her running past, naked, to the garbage, holding a wad of wipes.

Me: What's that?
Ellen: A cloffcloff.
Me: What were you cleaning up with that washcloth?
Ellen: Peeps.
Me: Oh no. Where is it?
Ellen: On a ploor. I show you.
(She runs down the hall proudly and points at her bedroom carpet.) See? It's on a ploor.
Me: No! Ellen, do we go pee-pee on the floor?
Ellen: Yeah.
Me: No. We don't go pee-pee on the floor. Never, ever.
Ellen: Why?
(I wish I could say this wasn't an exchange we've had many times before.)

If I hadn't had the bathroom door locked (remember the toilet bowl cleaner?) she most likely would have used the toilet instead of the floor. She's very interested in going on the toilet right now. And flushing it. Flushing it over and over and over again. And taking lots of toilet paper off the roll. And dunking it in the toilet and spreading it around the room.

I realize it's my fault for letting her out of my sight. I'm dumb like that.

So, how's your day going?


hannah said...

Our children should get together and have a toilet bowl party.

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm dumb like that too. I swear last year was filled with "fun" experiences like this on a daily basis. I would be a couple steps behind my terror triplets, cleaning up one mess, as they were making another. As the Beatles have told us, "It's getting better all the time" (can't get much worse).

Jill Freestone said...

so sorry! I guess I shouldn't tell you I'm taking the day off - been reading for the last hour and haven't gotten dressed yet or cleaned up the kitchen or . .(its 1:30) :)

Steve Amstar said...

Wow. Next time I have a day like that I'm gonna read this post and laugh. Actually, I'm probably due for a day like that any time now.

mermaids said...

clearly, my day is going much better than yours, but i don't have a two year old in the house. that could be a major factor. when my oldest takes the car out by himself for the first time, pee on ploor might pale in comparison. we shall see....

Shane's Angie said...

I'm in the market for a 3T. Just sent hubs a text. Two words. Save me.

Anonymous said...

I can't compete with your day yesterday. But I will say that right after I'd nearly finished sorting and pre-treating a great deal of laundry, Henry bonked his nose somehow while playing on Mabel's bed and got blood all over his shirt and pants and her pillow, pillowcase, sheet, and blanket. And then Hazel's diaper leaked this morning. Not the same scale as what you were going through, but still makes me think about giving up on laundry.