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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Post

Whereas the proprietress of How Does My Garden Grow is away and has no portal to the interweb; and whereas, I have been left behind with my interweb shunt in place and find myself with access to the publishing controls of this weblog; and whereas many of you were surely wondering how you would survive a week without cute tales of our children; I feel obliged to take the matter of a post in hand.

So, the family took off for a vacation without me. Monday I cleaned some parts of the house with the satisfaction of knowing that since the kids are gone, the clean will last more than ten minutes.

No cute, creative and messy children and no beautiful, talented and completely fabulous wife in the house make for a tidy, but cold existence, so the blog post fodder is limited. I did, however, come across this while cleaning:

Since the sign uses the singular and since there's one boy in our family, I can only assume the girls had someone specific in mind. Of course, he can't read and has no money.

I know you were thinking that since Mary's away and I have access to her blog, I would post some silly pictures or something, but that's just not my way.


Stephen said...


Jill Freestone said...

thanks for the hardy laugh, I LOVE it - maybe you can talk Kenny into visiting our blog after such a long absence !

Jstar said...

I love the occasional posts from the other half of wives who blog - you guys crack me up!

Betsy said...