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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Back of My Head is Famous

Peter's mom brought to my attention that a picture of Peter and me and Tiny Ellen is on the main page of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival site. It's the third photo that auto-loads in the main box -- or if you're too excited to wait that long, you can see it immediately by clicking on the second thumbnail from the left. It must've been taken at the City Volunteer Appreciation Evening in 2007, which would have been when Ellen was 18 days old. It was probably the first time Peter and I had been "out" since her birth. Please note the ponytail.

Conventional wisdom says your best chance of getting photographed at an event is to sit in front, but it turns out that positioning yourself for a speedy exit in case your newborn needs feeding can work in a pinch.

Funny thing -- my invitation to this year's City Volunteer Appreciation Evening just came in the mail today.


Lili said...

That's cool.

Last year when West Dean College put out a brochure for the 2009 year, I opened it up and not only was there a big photo of me eating a meal in the West Dean dining hall (not an uncommon thing), but seated with me in the photo were two colleagues -- from BYU -- who both happened to be in the UK and had come to visit for a day. Totally made me laugh.

Betsy said...

You look very nice.

liz said...

Hi! I got your comment on me and t about the 2 yards of passion vine. that other gal bought it, but if she ends up not paying for some reason i'll let you know.

sorry about that!


Stace said...

I liked seeing this. What a great find.