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Monday, June 21, 2010

On A Positive Note, You Can Entertain Yourself Making Up Definitions for "Archtin," "Inkyloom," and "Trisu"

I didn't want to do it.

I really didn't want to do it.

But the time has come to turn on word verification, because the Chinese porno comment spamming has gotten out of control.

You'll keep leaving comments, right? You don't mind typing 5-10 extra keystrokes, do you?

Thanks. You're the best.


Anonymous said...

of course I don't mind

Shaun Roundy said...

Mohch: a lot. From BEV "mo", more + "much."

Anonymous said...

It's not the word verification that's going to make me stop commenting. It's something else.

Um, yeah, the humor part of my brain hasn't really switched on yet today. (I flatter myself that it sometimes does work.)

Jstar said...

I just think it's weird that you don't want Chinese porno spam... it's basically the only reason I blog.

hannah said...

I don't really have a comment. I just wanted to type the weird letters. See it's a motivator.

Shane's Angie said...

Ok. But just know from now on that my comments will be significantly shorter. They will have less wit, less insights, and will generally lack in the substance department. Oh, wait, my comments are already that way. (Except the "short" part...) that case, things will go along as usual.

OH, and in case you were wondering, my word was "pestrav", which I'm pretty sure means "the late night manifestation of cockroachs after the destruction of their long time abode at Orem High". So...get ready for some serious pestrav. Thought I'd warn you.

Betsy said...

My word is *prolie*. Of course that is a member of the proletariat, aka a "small person". Not to be confused with an ex-convict who will have to go back to prison if he breaks the rules.