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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green Eggs & Jane

I can hear Jane & Zuzu at the end of the hall lying in their bunk beds. Zuzu wants to go to sleep, but Jane is in a chatty mood.*

Jane: Would you, could you, in a box?
Zuzu: Would you, could you, please be quiet?
Jane: I don't know; I've never tried it.

*Jane has always needed less sleep than Zuzu, so Zuzu is frequently sleep deprived as a consequence of sharing a room with her.


Jstar said...

Sheer awesomeness... unless you're the one who wants to sleep

Shaun Roundy said...

Hey look! A comment on your blog! Just like you always wanted today.

Shaun Roundy said...

Just to let you know we're all still here enjoying your delightful posts as always, and thinking you could take the 'best of' and turn them into a successful book, and if you want a publisher, I happen to know one who would publish it for you.

Shane's Angie said...

The book Green Eggs and Ham is loved by my youngest, Evie. Consequently, I have been "required" to taint all of her scrambled eggs green since I did it once two years ago. She also likes ketchup drizzled on them. This makes for a disturbing presentation. She has requested green ham to go with them, to which I remain firm in insisting that should ham turn green, we should not eat it.

Sounds like Jane and Zuzu have inherited their mother's sense of humor! Love it!

Susanna said...

Try it! Try it! You may like it!

Vanessa said...

I was always the one keeping my sister awake.

Me: Elizabeth, Elizabeth are you still awake?

No answer

Me Louder: Elizabeth...ARE YOU STILL AWAKE?

Her: I am now.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Anonymous said...

I WILL be quiet in the house!

I WILL be quiet like a mouse!

And I'll be quiet in the rain,

And I'll be quiet in my brain,

But wait! Oh no, I'm talking still.

I always have, I always will.

MelanieJ said...

oh, zuzu, you are a star! and too bad i don't personally know jane, she is also celestial material. i guess the apples don't fall far from the tree, do they, Mary?