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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloweens of Yesteryear: 2005

Many years ago, I heard from Japanese friends that there was a O-Bon Matsuri in Salt Lake City* every summer. In 2005, I finally found out when it was being held and planned to take my family. I pictured street vendors selling yakisoba and taiyaki, and everyone coming out in their festive yukata, like at the festivals in Japan. I made yukata for Jane and Zuzu to wear and was excited for them to experience a taste of Japanese culture.

What we found when we got there were a few sparsely attended booths advertising various products and companies. If you were hungry, there was a stand selling overpriced burgers and fries. The only people we saw dressed up besides my girls were the performers on the little stage that was set up between the booths. We did get to see a little bon odori performance, and if we'd come at the right time, we could have caught some taiko, but perhaps you've picked up by now that it was, on the whole, a disappointment. We walked through the exhibit on World War II Japanese Internment Camps inside the Buddhist temple, then drove back to Utah Valley for some dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

And the girls' outfits got put to good use again when Halloween rolled around.

"OK, give me your most natural smile."

"Let's try again."

Hey, at least they're both looking at the camera at the same time. That's a small miracle.

*Apparently there was a small but thriving Japantown in Salt Lake City, starting from the turn of the 20th century and up until the Salt Palace was built in 1967 on the land where it had been. Now Salt Lake's Japantown has dwindled to one small stretch of 100 South, where the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple and the Salt Lake Japanese Church of Christ are located.


Anonymous said...

Those smiles look painted on.

I've only just recently figured out that all small Utah festivals are pretty much the same, and yet I'm still sad I didn't make it to Swiss Days this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it goes without saying that those costumes are fabulous, but I try to remember to say the things that usually go without saying.

Lili said...

Today I meandered through the mall in Japantown in San Francisco and thought of you.

I wandered into the Hello Kitty store, and I must've stared a bit too much, b/c the (white) girl at the counter said "oh. I keep forgetting it's Halloween." (She was dressed as a cat, with her hair sculpted into ears. She gave me some Japanese candy (apparently kids in big cities go trick or treating in malls b/c it's safer?).

Anyway. Just a vignette from my Halloween 2009 to share with you :)

Weight Family said...

awesome costumes. too bad the fesival wasn't what you expected. at least the girls had a fabulous outing with their mom and dinner at a japanese restaurant!

Cool the Hirai said...
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Cool The Hirai said...

Omoshiroi hanashi datta.
SultLake demo souiu matsuri ga
arunda ne.
Anata no kodomo no kao ga omoshiroi.