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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloweens of Yesteryear: 2002

Speaking of when we went as Wizard of Oz characters, click on the picture below to see an album of the EIGHT costumes I made that year. It still kills me that after all that work, the only documentation I have are these half-decent snapshots.

Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes 2002

*For some unexplicable reason, if you're using Firefox as your web browser, some of the pictures might show up as blank boxes in the album. Try using Internet Explorer or Safari instead.


Anonymous said...

These are so amazing.

I can't believe how few of you there were back then.

I keep meaning to see if I can talk Mabel into being Dorothy one of these years, because she'd make such a cute one.

Lili said...

I'm gad you at least have the snapshots--I still brag about these to my friends. But seeing them is just so much more impressive.
except for baby Molly the flying monkey!

Shane's Angie said...

Are you kidding me? Shouldn't you receive some sort of medal, or award, or at least a cash prize for making such amazing costumes? Seriously. I'm floored. My Spider Witch costume is feeling mighty pathetic right now...