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Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Need a Beach Vacation. For Educational Purposes. But I'll Pass On the Crocodiles.

"This is the ocean, mama," he insisted.

"It is the ocean. It has waves. See those waves?"

He really believed it.

However, when he told me next, "And there are crocodiles in there, mama. Really. There really are," he had his tell-tale grin and a glint in his eye. He likes to try to trick me.


Betsy said...

Right about now I'd love to be near to those waves. Love you, Adam!

Anonymous said...

Our only beach trip this summer was to Bear Lake, which probably wouldn't help with the confusion.

hannah said...

Last summer we took Logan and Ethan to the Oregon coast. For the six months following, every body of water was 'the ocean'. "No that's a lake," I would correct and he would insist, "No ocean!" While a beach vacation is always a good idea, I'm not convinced it is educational.