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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Actual Breakfast Conversation

Jane, did you know Han Solo is Indiana Jones!?
Jane: Oh yeah, yeah. It's the same guy.
Zuzu: Only when he's Indiana Jones he's not as cheeky as when he's Han Solo. But he's really good at being cheeky when he's Han Solo.
Jane: I think I'd be good at that too. I can be really cheeky.
Zuzu: Yeah, you're good at being cheeky too.


Jstar said...

Sheer brilliance

OhSusanna said...

where in the world did they learn the word cheeky?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are both good at being cheeky--it's in the blood.

Melissa said...

I just love your cheeky children. Your two younguns are welcome at my house anytime we had such a great time and I did not have any fridge break-ins, no laundry detergent on the floor or diapering problems. Honestly Mary, your children are the best!