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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kitchen Table Magic Wand Factory

Jane wants a Harry Potter theme party again (third year straight), so we made some wands last night that the kids can decorate at her party. We followed these instructions that I found, which were pretty slick. Oh Google, whatever would I do without you?

"This house has 1 rule," posted by Jane in January 2009:

We haven't even let her watch any of the movies except the first one, but she loves to watch the trailers on YouTube, and she adores Potter Puppet Pals, to my chagrin. I'm not even going to link to it. If you don't know, just be glad.

Jane in her natural habitat:


Anonymous said...

Very cool (Jane is always cool, of course, but I'm meaning those wand instructions.) Yesterday Henry came to me talking about wanting a rocket, and since I was at the computer anyway I Googled something like "paper rocket printable" and something from Family Fun magazine popped right up and I had it printed and folded for him in less than a minute. (It was really a paper airplane designed to look like a rocket.) Then it turned out Rose had made her own paper rocket but she also wanted one of the color versions.

It would be hard to go back to life without the internet.

Lili said...

So that's how it's done. Did you stalk up on phoenix feathers, unicorn hairs, and dragon tendons?

Betsy said...

Thx for the Jane photo.

The wands are cool.

Bob Maslan was telling me how Adam Y. had received a pointer (I can't remember the correct name for it) as a bar mitzvah gift. Adam very much wanted it, but apparently they're rather expensive, and they won a commitment from him that he'd read Torah several more times if they got him one (apparently the reader points to the Torah passage for the congregation's benefit).

Anyway, I know I am slow, but I had been pondering the origins of monarchs' scepters recently and I suddenly realized that wands and scepters are simply (extra-powerful) pointers. Duh-huh.

Betsy said...

OH! I just noticed that Lili wrote "stalk up on phoenix feathers, unicorn hairs, and dragon tendons"! And I definitely think you should stalk up on those things. With your magic wand. With a magic wand, I might even be able to stalk up on sloths.

Lili said...

Gasp! How could I?!

Elizabeth Huntington said...

The magic wands are even cooler "in person" than in photos. And the children (who got to paint their own) LOVED them. Adam assumes a Jedi stance and yells "abracadabra!" Many, many times. Almost every time, it was very cute.

Katie Reall said...

The last picture is so Matt...only replace the Harry Potter with a baseball or baskeball book, and I guess you'd have to replace Jane with Matt, but other than that it's the same! :) He reads the paper every morning to catch up on the games and then plops on the couch for any book (especially his sports ones) and reads and reads. This year's party was essentially the same theme for Matt as last year. Same theme, different party. Oh, if we could see them all play together would it be with them older?!