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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jane's Harry Potter Party III Recap

First was a field trip to Ollivander's,

where everyone chose a wand
and decorated it.

Next was potions class. We had started a vat of homemade "butterbeer" carbonating with some dry ice for effect.

Potion class props. The fancier labels were borrowed from this Flickr user.

I demonstrated how to concoct Morgana's Magical Floating Orb Potion from Enchanted Spring Water, Essence of Murtlap, and Dragon Saliva (distilled water, dishwashing liquid, and glycerin). Don't you hate how photographs can make you look so much fatter than in real life? Ahem.

We let everyone play with the orb potion for a while. The tool we borrowed from Peter's mom for making giant orbs was a hit.

Next, Peter demonstrated how to make a magical geyser by dropping Moonstones into Extract of Wormwood (Mentos and Diet Coke).

After Potions Class, we held Quidditch team tryouts.

Peter explained the rules of the game,

and then the kids tried their luck at hitting the bludger with the bat. It was a bit tricky trying to whack the enchanted bludger that moved up and down of its own accord. (I should clarify that this was a special, oversized party bludger full of candy and designed to be broken open.)

Then Jane opened a mountain of presents. The former appalling lack of Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Camp Rock paraphernalia in our home has been rectified.

Lastly, we retired to the Great Hall for dessert: a gloppy, lopsided cake that Jane fortunately adored. Eight-year-olds are the best.

Did you know that the ceiling of the Great Hall is enchanted to look just like the sky outside?

Early on, Peter gave Ellen a little sip of the root beer, so she spent the rest of the time saying, "More juice." We kept the little sips coming -- with as much space in between as we could get away with -- and she accommodated us by happily watching all the action from her high chair throughout the party. What a kid.

I'm glad Jane loved her birthday party. I'm really glad it's over.


Lili said...

I hope Jane knows how incredibly cool her parents are.
For my eighth birthday party we went to Showbiz Pizza...
(I'm not jealous!)
(and, ehm, love you, mom & dad...this is no reflection on your parenting!) :)

Watermelanie said...

Unbelievable. really. i am stunned.

and here I thought a bday party was complete with a cake in a pan.

mermaids said...

fantastic party! you've set the bar really high for next year. :)

Ligia said...

Super cute idea. I will do this when my kids are older. If they love Harry Potter as much as I do that is.

Shane's Angie said...

OK Mary, you realize that I will never be able to host a party after Gracie went to this one?! Everthing I'll ever do will seem terribly bleak and pathetic in comparison! What amazing ideas, how fun and creative! You get some serious mom points for this one! I'm awed! Can I post a link for your blog on my mom blog? I know there are some mom's out there who would LOVE to see this!

Laura said...

Awesome party!

Stephen said...

Another thoroughly delightful post. And the pictures saved you thousands of words. I especially loved the one of the anticipation of the geyser. How evocative.

Jstar said...

What a fantastic party! I loved the photos and descriptions... and I'm so relieved that your home is now Hannah Montana-tastic

OhSusanna said...

The whole party was THE. COOLEST. EVER.

Fauneil said...

Awesome!! I love every bit of it. And what little girl wouldn't love that fluffy pink cake?

hannah said...

Wow, you can plan all my kids' parties as soon as they turn 5. I think my favorite part is Ellen asking for more juice

melissa said...

Wow! You are the woman! Really, I mean it, you are the best!

Katie Reall said...

So, Matt's party was kickball, wiffleball, slip'n'slide, a million and one hot dogs, and nachos....hmmmm....Jane's was a bit more creative! :) I saw Matt's old friend in the picture. I can't remember his name - blonde with seven kids. His dad was Matt's soccer coach...can't remember their names right now. I think he is Blake. I'm just rambling now, because I'm sure the names will come to me as soon as I finish this. Anyway, still not coming to me....tell them I said hi!

eMiLY said...

WOW! you really are amazing Mary. I am seriously in awe of all you do.

Anonymous said...

This party shares a lot with Mabel's from two years ago -- her science party. Well, at least the making potions and mentos-in-Diet-coke were both featured at the science party, which Mabel still thinks of as her best party ever.

I've already forgotten what we did for Mabel this year, but she planned most of it herself. Thank goodness, since Hazel was just a month old.

Okay, I consulted my crystal ball (a/k/a photos on my hard drive) and it appears that we did a pet-themed party and the girls made little critters out of pompons, pipe cleaners, and googlie eyes. Also they tried out mom's pattern to make their own cupcake wrappers. I think Mabel had a couple other activities she'd planned, as well.

Jill Freestone said...

very impressive - very lucky kids - we'll have try out the experiments here - fun times! hope there are some slow recovery days in your future - without sickness :)

Esperanzita said...

I'm almost thirty and I seriously want you to plan me a birthday party! What a great mama you are!

greetings from Mexico!