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Friday, April 1, 2011


Adam loves to cuddle and snuggle with me, and his affectionate embraces are usually accompanied by his original expression, delivered in baby-talk accent, "No more den love." I've asked him what exactly "no more than love" means, and he says, "It means I love you more than anyone."

"More than you love anyone else or more than anyone else loves me?"
"It means both."

My brother and his girlfriend recently became engaged, and the day after we shared the good news with the kids, Adam came up and put his arms around me, snuggled in, and started his baby talk:
"Mmm. . . We get . . . engaged."
"Well, see, I'm already married to your dad."
"Me get bigger, Daddy get un-invorced from you, we get married.  Mmmmm. No more den love."


Stephen said...

awwww. This is just too sweet.

BTW, wonderful photo.

Powelson Family said...

if only it could last, such tenderness is a mamma's paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Cuddly boys are the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you please tell your husband I love his blog posts? The photos are great and so are the captions. Also, could you tell him that the comment format he chose (from the 3 or so that Blogger offers--I think it's called an embedded comment format) won't work with Firefox? I've researched the problem and the only solution I've found is to open up an IE window, which I'm usually not willing to do just to leave a comment. So if he'd be willing to choose a different commenting format, I'd be much obliged.

Elizabeth Huntington said...

I love this so dearly. It makes me want to eat you both all up. Edible.

Jill Freestone said...

too sweet - so glad its written down - never to forget.

Stephen said...

I have to keep coming back to gaze at this photo. It really warrants being on display somewhere important.