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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ellen Gets Herself Ready for Preschool

Green preschool T-shirt, pink floral capris, purple sequined vest (another birthday gift from Grandma Kathe), and two-tone purple patent leather Mary Janes.

It took a while to get that shoe buckled.

Green marker on her cheek to match the shirt.

She latched onto those purple shoes at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago and followed me all around the store begging for me to buy them. I kept telling her sorry, no, can't buy those, sorry, no. But when I went to put them back, I couldn't find any others like them, and they had no tag, which might mean . . .

Me, to salesperson: "Can you tell me how much these shoes ring up at?"
Salesperson: "$2.34."
Me: "Thanks. We'll take them."

Adam had been all ready for preschool, but when I called that it was time to go get in the car, Megatron showed up instead.

*By the way, can you see how Ellen has a few bangs now? She cut those herself a few weeks ago. I'm not kidding. No one has touched them since she took the kid scissors to them. We got lucky -- I'm sure her intention was not to give herself some bangs -- she just went after the part that was hanging in front of her face and happened to get it right. I know one of these days our luck is going to run out, because this girl has taken the scissors to her hair 3 times now ("Ellen! Is it ever OK to cut your own hair?" (Big smile)"No!"), and so far never with disastrous results. I do miss those curls I had to cut off when I eventually decided to even everything up after the last time she played barber to herself and took a chunk off from the back underneath.


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Stephen said...

I LOVE the look of rapt concentration working on those shoes.

Julie said...

i love it!

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Love the outfit(s)!