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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the Workshop

Another "diaper cake" centerpiece. There's a little baby boom going on in my neighborhood. Lots of baby showers.

Blankets for boy & girl twins whose nursery is brown & green:

I put crochet thread in the bobbin and button thread in the top before I stitched around the edge. I like how well-defined it came out:

Some things for a baby girl born a few months ago:

Boy's onesie set. There were pants too like the ones in the girl's set above, made from an old ribbed cotton sweater. With only four seams including the waistband and no hemming since I used the existing finished edge, those pants were easy-peasey:

I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of another girl's set I made, with a convertible gown.

One of four identical aprons for some girls at church that I love very much who are graduating from high school and therefore soon leaving the Young Women organization and moving into Relief Society:

For the record, my house is a mess.


Lili said...

Holy cow!!

I don't get anything made these days,
and I'm not a mom of four or a Relief Society President! (oh, wait... I am one of those things, but STILL!)

Weight Family said...

so creative!! i'll have to try the crochet thread in the bobbin!

Zina said...

Fabulous! You are so creative, and I love all the fabrics. What size was the crochet thread?

My house is very, very, very messy and grimy, and all I have to show for it is one blouse (for me) that still doesn't have sleeves, a hem, or a waist seam. Fortunately I've enjoyed the process of working on it anyway.

Alex said...

So fun! I want to be just like you. :o) This is Ligia.

Jill Freestone said...

wow! adorable! I'm sure you're feeling good, having had such a creative outlet (forget the house, its feeling good that matters, right!)

Julie said...

super love the apron! Mina wore her booties you gave her yesterday, I'm in love with them (for the record, so is Rulon)

Betsy said...

Very adorable stuff. Yeah, that crochet / button thread technique is terrific.

adriennep said...

Beautiful! Now I have to move into your ward and have another baby so I can get me some of that. I love the idea of the crochet thread and button thread. I didn't even know you could do such a thing, or really that there was such a thing as button thread. Now I know (and knowing is half the battle!)(I hope you had brothers in the '80's or you'll think I am a weirdo.)