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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ellen Aces Her First Job Interview

The snow has been piling up here since yesterday morning and I've been wishing I was out in it. Here's a conversation from this morning.

Me: I want to go skiing. I think I'll leave Ellen to babysit you kids. What do you think?
Jane (8 years old): I will babysit!
Me: Hmm. I'm not sure you're quite old enough yet. Ellen, would you take care of these kids for me? Do you think you could babysit them?
Ellen (a grin spreads over her two-year-old face): Yeah.
Me: What do you think you'll make them for lunch?
Ellen: Ummmm . . . Pood. [Food.] Onions.
Me: OK. And what will you do if the children misbehave?
Ellen: Hit them.


Ligia said...

Yup, she definitely aced that one. LOL!

Jstar said...

Is she for hire? She sounds more responsible than most of our 14-year-old sitters - she actually recognized the need for children to *eat*

Betsy said...

Again, hard to stop laughin'.

Lili said...


If you go in the snow on Friday or Saturday (or even Monday), will you to please let me come with you? :D

OhSusanna said...